The exercise targets were defined on the basis of a benchmark survey by evaluating 15 well experienced and renowned laparoscopic surgeons in Germany. In a prospective study with 30 laparoscopic novices the bench marks were validated and the passing limits for each single exercise defined.


Instructional videos were devised for each exercise in order to standardize the training procedure and to further improve the learning curve. It is advisable to repeatedly watch the videos during the beginning of the training, then later after each 10th repetition. This helps to better learn the entire information set and procedures.


Based on the results of another prospective study, it is recommended to practice several times a week for 20 to max. 40 min.

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divergence above
divergence beneath
expert level *

* A median of 40 repetitions is needed to reach the expert level. In the graph, the median does not intersect with the expert level, as those individuals who have reached the level, are no longer taken into account in the subsequent course of the curve.

Training effect

The lern effect from the LTB curriculum could be provable transfered.

Box Plot GOALS-Score before and after the LTB-Curriculums.
n=30, Cholecystectomy in an animal model
before LTB-Curriculum
after LTB-Curriculum