This list of frequently asked questions will help you with the first steps in relation with your lab and answer some initial questions that may arise.

Download all the questions and answers in PDF format (66KB). Download PDF FAQ

01 How much space is needed for the set up?

The required area for the user and the box and the monitor is about 2 x 1m. The box can be installed on any flat surface with dimensions 40 x 50 cm.

02 Is the toolbox transportable?

The Luebeck Toolbox can be easily carried by one person and set up in different places.

03 How complex is setting up the Luebeck Toolbox?

If all the required components are present, the installation takes no longer than 15 minutes.

04 Is a monitor included?

The monitor (conventional TV monitor) is not included.

05 What other components besides the Toolbox do I need to practice?

A monitor cable, two trocars, instruments (one curved scissors, two Overholt graspers, two needle holders) and the sutures (Braided thread, 3-0, SH needle).

06 Can I recieve any certification upon successful completion of the curriculum?

For the present not yet. It is intended to establish test centers, that award certificates after successful test completion of a test and documented absolvance of the curriculum. A CME accreditation is applied for.

07 How can I get in touch with LTB Limited?

You can contact us by email at the following address:

08 Where can I find the results of the research on which the development is based on?

To this date, there are no published articles yet. Appropriate manuscripts have been submitted for peer-review process. In the past, there have been numerous conference contributions.

09 Can I use the Toolbox to perform other exercises than given in the Luebeck Toolbox curriculum?

In principle, yes. The modules are fixed by means of four small magnets at corresponding positions of the bottom plate. If the user manages to specially develop his own module / exercise, he could also work on this fixing it in a similar manner to the floor panel. The learning success of the Luebeck Toolbox curriculum is however clearly based on the defined exercises. If a suitable plastic tub is used, even procedures on organ packages could be performed.

10 Are the Toolbox and the modules pre-assembled?

Only the camera needs to be installed in the toolbox and the modules for the various exercises need to be fitted with the accompanying materials (plastic pegs, rubber bands, fabrics, etc). For the insertion of the trocars, the rubber membranes must be cut.

11 How long does the delivery take?

Maximum 4 weeks, on average, we expect 3 weeks. If necessary the delivery can be accelerated via Express. A tracking number will be provided.

12 How long is the warranty?

The toolbox including the camera and 4 modules comes with one year warranty. Further details can be found in theTerms and Conditions section.

13 Can I withdraw from the purchase?

The buyer may withdraw within two weeks without giving any reasons. For more details please refer to the Terms and Conditions section.

14 Where is the toolbox produced?

The Toolbox is manufactured according to our specifications by a partner company in southern Germany. All components are subject to thorough quality control. Before the Lübecker Toolbox is shipped, it is subjected to a function test. The modules are manufactured near Hong Kong by an established manufacturer and are also subject to standardized quality controls.